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Barbara Wasilewski



Barbara Wasilewski is a seasoned mental health clinician with a rich background spanning nearly two decades. She has earned her reputation as a compassionate and supportive counsellor through her work in various mental health settings, demonstrating a profound ability to connect with clients and their families to promote recovery and self-sufficiency.

Her professional journey is marked by a consistent delivery of high-quality care, aligned with the latest models of practice and national standards. Barbara’s unwavering commitment to professional development, coupled with her comprehensive experience and qualifications, empowers her to craft innovative and responsive health services tailored to the unique needs of her clients.

In her current practice, Barbara embraces a recovery-oriented model of service, placing significant emphasis on client participation as a cornerstone of the therapeutic program.

Barbara Wasilewski meticulously evaluates interventions and initiatives, calibrating her approach to accommodate her clients’ evolving mental health, environmental, and personal circumstances.

Barbara’s collaborative spirit extends beyond the client-therapist relationship. She actively forges and maintains robust connections with a network of local agencies, ensuring clients have access to a broad spectrum of services. Her interdisciplinary teamwork is equally noteworthy, as she works alongside psychiatrists, nurses, and occupational therapists to address the multifaceted needs of her clients.

Her counselling technique is a testament to her expertise, integrating critical facets of effective practice. She excels in establishing a strong therapeutic alliance, inspiring hope, and focusing on tangible objectives. Barbara is adept at selecting and implementing evidence-based practices and maximizing opportunities for change outside of sessions. She is committed to the facilitation of treatment adherence and follow-up, ensuring that the benefits of therapy endure well beyond its conclusion.

Barbara Wasilewski’s name is synonymous with a compassionate and highly competent approach to counselling, making her a pillar in the mental health community and a beacon of hope for those on their journey to recovery.