Hindi speaking psychologist

Nadine Brown


Available in Seaford and Berwick

My approach to psychological treatment is grounded in a deep respect for the human condition. Seeking therapy is a courageous act. As such, it requires a fundamental respect and understanding of a person’s unique history and psychological experiences. Further, it requires experience in providing effective services for clients.

I believe that people, either child, adolescent or adults/parents come to therapy when their resources for coping are overwhelmed by their experiences. My role is to facilitate change and promote emotional welI-being in a healing space. I work to ensure any obstacles that are impacting your quality of life may be addressed.

I believe it is important to find an individual approach that is uniquely tailored to each child, adolescent, individual and/or family and, to that end, I draw from a variety of psychological and psychotherapeutic modalities and empirically validated techniques.


I also like to use creative methods, (e.g. art therapy, play therapy, etc.) to provide a non-threatening environment for children/adolescents to express emotions in a symbolic and expressive way to resolve emotional pain.

Emotional healing takes place within a respectful, authentic and caring environment. This works by catering to emotional needs, a person’s stage of development and meeting people where ‘they are at’.

Ultimately, I endeavor to provide a range of effective skills and techniques for all ages. Where people can be themselves, talk about their worries or inner conflicts without concern for judgment.