Justine is a warm, compassionate and motivated psychologist who works with children, adolescents and adults. Justine has a transparent and client centered approach which focuses on working with clients to help them clarify what is causing distress in their lives and then make a plan with the client on how to create the desired change.

Treatment generally follows a cognitive behavioural therapy approach, combined with strategies from interpersonal therapy, mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy, and is always delivered in a format suitable to the individual and their developmental needs and comfort level. Justine can help clients with stress, anxiety, depression, bullying, grief and loss, bipolar disorder, trauma, eating problems, gender dysphoria and family or relationship problems.

Justine often supports clients to develop their self esteem and reach practical goals in their life, such as gaining employment, taking up a hobby, improving health, starting a course or resolving any other major roadblock in their life.

Justine Stephens- Reicher

Psychologist B.A. (Hons)